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1using System.Reflection;
3// Information about this assembly is defined by the following attributes.
4// Change them to the values specific to your project.
6[assembly: AssemblyTitle ("AllocsCommands")]
7[assembly: AssemblyDescription ("")]
8[assembly: AssemblyConfiguration ("")]
9[assembly: AssemblyCompany ("")]
10[assembly: AssemblyProduct ("")]
11[assembly: AssemblyCopyright ("ci")]
12[assembly: AssemblyTrademark ("")]
13[assembly: AssemblyCulture ("")]
15// The assembly version has the format "{Major}.{Minor}.{Build}.{Revision}".
16// The form "{Major}.{Minor}.*" will automatically update the build and revision,
17// and "{Major}.{Minor}.{Build}.*" will update just the revision.
19[assembly: AssemblyVersion ("")]
21// The following attributes are used to specify the signing key for the assembly,
22// if desired. See the Mono documentation for more information about signing.
24//[assembly: AssemblyDelaySign(false)]
25//[assembly: AssemblyKeyFile("")]
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