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Hooks are a way to add additional behaviour to the scripts. They are basically custom scripts that are called upon specific events. For example one could define a hook which is called on player connects and then send a message in the in-game chat to greet the new player.

All hooks have to executable files in SDTD_BASE/<name of hook>/<any name>.sh. The folder <name of hook> has to be in exactly the same case as the hook name column in the table below shows it.

If you think a hook for another event could be interesting please create a ticket or contact me.

Currently the following hooks are defined:

Hook name

Called on event

Passed parameters


After a player has connected

  1. Instance name
  2. Player ID
  3. Entity ID
  4. Nickname
  5. Steam ID


After a player has disconnected


Before an instance is started

  1. Instance name


After an instance was started


Before an instance is stopped


After an instance was stopped


After a backup was created

  1. Path of new backup folder

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