wiki:Integrated Webserver

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Part of the Server fixes.

Meant to become an easy to use and everywhere accessible administration interface mostly for tasks like player management. (Currently in early development stage)

Current features

  • Viewing the map of the game as much as visited by players.


The following conditions must be met for the webserver to become active:

  • ControlPanel must be enabled in serverconfig
  • The contents of must be put in a folder named webserver directly in the game folder. Three ways to do so:
    • (recommended) Get the files with a SVN client. This way you can easily update the files later on by just using the SVN update command. E.g. with a console client:
      cd /path/to/7dtd/game/folder
      svn co
    • You can get that folder as a .tar.gz-file here and extract it to your game folder. Make sure to rename the extract folder from webserver.r{number} to just webserver
    • Download the files individually from SVN

If both are true the webserver will listen on the port defined as ControlPanelPort (from serverconfig) + 2. I.e. if you have set ControlPanelPort to 8080 (as it is by default) the webserver will listen on http://<yourIpOrDomain>:8082/

Is it running?

To check if the webserver was started look at the output_log.txt. It should contain a line like:

1.234 Started Webserver on 8082

If it does the server was started on the given port. If not one of the above mentioned conditions is not met.

Planned stuff

  • List of players (filter by online, banned, admin/mod, permission level ... anything else?)
    • Info: name, steamid, ip, playtime, last seen, online/offline, stats, last position ...
    • Kick/Ban, change permission level
    • show on map
    • show trail
    • Send PM
    • ... ?
  • List of command permissions
  • Chat log
  • Console log
  • ... ?