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In order to be able to use these scripts a few external dependencies have to be met. Most of them should already be installed on any Linux distribution.

Order of the list is from what you probably have to install yourself to what probably is installed anyway:

as the name suggests it is used to start the game as a daemon. Available on Debian based distributions. Users of other distributions can download and compile the source from SVN?.
used to manipulate serverconfig.xml
run 7dtd Windows build on Linux. Required as long as there is no native Linux build of 7dtd.
required for Wine as it requires a screen

Everything below should be installed already:

downloads SteamCMD
create incremental backups of game data
stops the server log monitoring
showing the open ports
the whole thing heavily relies on features of Bash
Init system
for automatic start of 7dtd on server boot (Script designed for SysVInit, it should also work with systemd)
cut, tr, tail, stdbuf
stream manipulation
grep, sed, dd, date, mkdir, touch, nc
tools really every Linux distro should ship anyway ;)