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Table of contents

  1. Download
  2. Build yourself
  3. Features
    1. New log information
    2. Admins.xml
    3. Replaced Telnet server
      1. New commands (also usable through ingame console)
  4. Release Notes
    1. rev. 84
    2. rev. 83
    3. Initial release (rev. 81)


The latest build can be found here: You need both the 7dtd-server-fixes.dll and the Assembly-CSharp.dll.

Note that this will only work with the correct version of the 7dtd dedicated server. If they release a new build the files have to updated (should never take longer than 24h from their release).

Build yourself

The Assembly-CSharp.dll is first deobfuscated with the NamePatcher (originally written by DerPopo, adapted to my needs). Then the 7dtd-server-fixes.dll can be build referencing this assembly. At last the deobfuscated Assembly-CSharp.dll is patched with the Assembly-Patcher so it calls the new methods in the 7dtd-server-fixes.dll.


New log information

  • New entry whenever a player connects combining all the information that previously had to be collected manually. It is printed after RequestToSpawnPlayer and looks like this:
    Player connected, clientid=1, entityid=171, name=alloc, steamid=765611*******172, ip=
  • Each time someone connects on Telnet:
    Telnet connection from:
  • When someone disconnects from Telnet:
    Telnet connection closed by client:
  • When someone executes a command through Telnet:
    Telnet executed "gt" from:
  • When a connected client successfully executes a remote command:
    Executed command "lp" from player "Alloc"


Commands with permission level set to >= 1000 can be executed by all players. This is useful e.g. for the new getgameprefs command.

Replaced Telnet server

  • Should be way more stable
  • Handles disconnect of clients without sending exit
  • Allows multiple connections at once (though output for one client is sent to all)
  • If no password is set in TelnetPassword the Telnet server only listens on the loopback interface!

New commands (also usable through ingame console)

  • getgameprefs / gg: Get all server preferences (no parameters passed) or just the one that is passed. This can be used to give all users access to read the server settings (e.g. land claim size). Only non-sensitive information can be accessed, so excluded are all preferences which contain the following strings:
    • Telnet
    • AdminFileName
    • ControlPanel
    • Password
    • SaveGameFolder
    • Options
  • gettime / gt: Get the current in-game time like this one:
    Day 18, 14:13
  • listplayersextended / lpe: Similar to listplayers but with more information on each player (deaths, zombie kills, player kills, score, IP), looking like this:
    1. id=171, Alloc, pos=(902.0, 61.0, -353.7), rot=(0.0, -91.4, 0.0), remote=True, health=32, deaths=2, zombies=0, players=0, score=0, steamid=76561198066968172, ip=
  • sayplayer: Send a message to a single player denoted by his name or entity id. Will be shown on receiver side as "Server (private)".
  • settimereal / str: Set the in-game time by number of days, hours, minutes

Release Notes

rev. 84

  • Added console command settimereal / str
  • Changed behaviour of Admins.xml (see features)

rev. 83

  • Added console command sayplayer
  • Added logging output for remote command execution from clients

Initial release (rev. 81)