wiki:Logged information

All logging information is stored in the folder of the running instance.

Chat messages from client (including join, leave and death) and server (say command) are redirected to this file.
Commands executed by players and through the telnet interface are logged here.
Whole output log of 7dtd, blank lines filtered and each line with timestamp.
On a player connect or disconnect event an entry in this file is generated, stating the time of the event, connect ("+++") or disconnect ("---"), entity id for the player, nickname, Steam ID and client IP.
Console output of the engine is redirected to this file.
The monitor also stores information on players that have been on the server in this file. Here each unique player gets one XML entry containing this information:
  • steamid
  • nickname
  • playtime - total playtime in seconds
  • logins - number of logins
  • lastlogin - time of last login as unix time
  • online - current state as boolean
  • entityid - entity id during current/last login
  • lastIp - IP the player had when last time connected
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