First: Sorry to maybe look a bit rude by just posting a link. But having to type the same stuff over and over takes too much time so linking to a place where it's written once is a lot easier ;)

If you got linked to this page it means we want you to show us your log files. Depending on the problem please provide either client side, server side or both logs from the same time after your problem occured. Which logs are required has been written next to the link you got.

The logs typically reside in these locations:

Windows dedicated through startdedicated.bat
Linux calling the executable manually
<homefolder>/.config/unity3d/The Fun Pimps/7 Days To Die <- Dedicated>/Player.log
Linux using the default start scripts (or through Steam)
Linux server with management scripts

Please find the appropriate file, open it, copy everything. Then go to, paste all the text in there, click Submit and then post the link in the thread itself.

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