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Short notes on what changed in each release.

If there is anything that has to be taken care of manually after updating the scripts from previous versions (e.g. add an option to the global config or copy files) it will explicitly be stated in the release notes.

v.111 (2019-01-05)

  • Updated serverconfig editor for A17:
    • Removed ServerIsPublic
    • Added ServerVisibility
    • Updated ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols options
    • Updated GameWorld options
    • Added WorldGenSeed
    • Added WorldGenSize
    • Updated GameMode options
    • Removed ZombiesRun
    • Added ZombieMove
    • Added ZombieMoveNight
    • Added ZombieFeralMove
    • Added ZombieBMMove
    • Added TelnetFailedLoginLimit
    • Added TelnetFailedLoginsBlocktime
    • Added PartySharedKillRange
  • Update chat logging and chat hook

v.110 (2017-08-26)

  • Fixed Steam build ID detection

v.109 (2017-08-07)

  • Added hook playerSpawned
  • Added hooks serverPreBackup and serverPostBackup (latter one is a new name for backup which is deprecated now)
  • Fixed serverconfig editor DayNightLength default for A16, being 60 by default now
  • Fixed instances list sometimes showing table values in wrong columns
  • Fixed updatescripts overwriting (and changing ownership) of /etc/cron.d/7dtd-backup and /etc/7dtd.conf
  • Changed updateengine to remember the last selected branch. Also allow to specify arbitrary other branches in addition to stable and latest_experimental
  • Changed updateengine --check to show all available branches
  • Added autocompletion for branches on updateengine --branch
  • Added Steam build ID detection to updateengine. Please report if this does not return the latest updates when a new release has been published (can be overridden with --force as before)

v.108 (2017-06-29)

  • Fixed instances list and status <instance> showing nc-termination

v.107 (2017-06-23)

  • Updated serverconfig editor for A16:
    • Removed EnemySenseMemory
    • Updated EnemySpawnMode to boolean
    • Added BloodMoonEnemyCount
    • Added BedrollDeadZoneSize
    • Added HideCommandExecutionLog
    • Added MaxUncoveredMapChunksPerPlayer
    • Added ServerReservedSlots
    • Added ServerReservedSlotsPermission
    • Added ServerAdminSlots
    • Added ServerAdminSlotsPermission

v.106 (2016-12-08)

  • Fixed IPv6 detection in monitor-log script

v.105 (2016-10-06)

  • Fixed another issue in serverconfig editor regarding PlayerKillingMode

v.104 (2016-10-06)

  • Fixed typo in serverconfig editor

v.103 (2016-10-06)

  • Updated serverconfig editor for A15:
    • Removed FriendlyFire
    • Added PlayerKillingMode
    • Added PersistentPlayerProfiles
    • Added PlayerSafeZoneLevel
    • Added PlayerSafeZoneHours
    • Added AirDropMarker
    • Added MaxSpawnedAnimals

v.102 (2016-05-18)

  • Fixed log-monitor for updated player connect message
  • Added Steam owner ID as 6th parameter to playerConnect hook (see Hooks)

v.101 (2016-05-17)

  • Fixed log-monitor to support new style of game messages and chat messages
  • Split old chat hook into gmsg and chat (see Hooks)
  • IMPORTANT: If you previously had used the chat hook make sure to update your hooks!

v.100 (2016-04-20)

  • Added --experimental flag to updateengine to get the current latest_experimental branch of the server

v.99 (2016-04-06)

  • Fixed bootstrapper / updatescripts killing /etc/init.d symlink (e.g. on CentOS 7)

v.98 (2016-03-28)

  • Fixed instance editor adding CraftTimer and LootTimer (thanks to Tiver)

v.97 (2016-03-27)

  • Use 64 bit server on 64 bit systems

v.96 (2016-03-17)

  • Prepare for 64 bit support
  • Added support for instance local hooks (#123)

v.95 (2016-02-16)

  • Changed updateengine to no longer require Steam account login
  • Set license: Apache 2.0

v.94 (2015-07-26)

  • Fixed status and instances script, thanks to Aviator86
  • Fixed kill script not properly killing the server if it fails to shut down, thanks to someone (sorry, forgot who reported this :()
  • Removed outdated messages in update scripts regarding version compatibility between scripts and dedi build
  • IMPORTANT: Added updatefixes script to individually update the server fixes without requiring to update the scripts anymore

v.93 (2015-07-06)

v.92 (2015-07-04)

  • Fixed serverconfig editor DayLightLength prompt text

v.91 (2015-07-04)

  • Fixed logs having different timestamps for one session

v.90 (2015-07-03)

  • Fixed for new exe name

v.89 (2015-07-03)

  • Updated the Server fixes to
  • Updated the serverconfig editor (removed DisableNAT and NightPercentage, added DayLightLength)

v.88 (2015-06-12)

v.87 (2015-05-29)

v.86 (2015-05-01)

  • Fixed (see #101, thanks behemoth)

v.85 (2015-04-29)

v.84 (2015-04-20)

v.83 (2015-04-18)

v.82 (2015-04-18)

v.81 (2015-04-18)

  • Updated the Server fixes to 0.113.5586.25212 - second build (Web mod v.2)

v.80 (2015-04-18)

  • Updated the Server fixes to 0.113.5586.25212

v.78 (2015-04-09)

v.77 (2015-04-05)

  • Updated the Server fixes to 0.111.5572.35274 - Commands update

v.76 (2015-04-04)

v.75 (2015-04-02)

v.74 (2014-12-24)

v.73 (2014-12-19)

  • Just for matching the build number

v.72 (2014-12-19)

  • Logging: Updated parsing for 10.4 changes - minor fix

v.71 (2014-12-19)

  • Updated the Server fixes to 0.104.5466.33703
  • Logging: Updated parsing for 10.4 changes
  • Logging: removed <date>_output.log and the link
  • Logging: Made output_log.txt go to <date>_output_log.txt instead
  • Logging: Added link current_output_log.txt which points to that file

v.70 (2014-12-18)

v.69 (2014-12-14)

v.68 (2014-12-13)

  • Only corrected the build number check for the dedi server

v.67 (2014-12-12)

  • Changed playerlog to update nickname in the XML if changed in Steam friends, thanks to behemoth's report with patch :)


v.66 (2014-12-12)

v.65 (2014-12-01)

v.64 (2014-11-25)

v.63 (2014-11-22)

  • Fixed hooks for server{Pre/Post}{Start/Stop}, thanks to behemoth's report
  • Updated the Server fixes to 0.100.5439.40926
  • Changed updateengine to load official Linux build

Update from previous versions:

  • Note that you will have to have libstdc++ as i686 library installed in addition to what the old version required!

v.62 (2014-09-22)

v.61 (2014-09-18)

  • Updated the Server fixes to 0.93.5374.40502 (A9.3 b5 compatibility)

v.60 (2014-09-18)

v.59 (2014-09-13)

v.58 (2014-09-10)