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rev. 301 (12_14_19) (2017-01-03)

  • CommonFunc updated to v14:
    • Changed totalPlayTime calculation code to fix compatibility with recent Unity versions

rev. 299 (12_13_19) (2016-12-14)

  • Commands updated to v12:
    • Fixed give: Was broken when specifying a quality
  • WebMap updated to v19:
    • Code:
      • Updated MapRendering code to use a coroutine instead of a timer which was causing some issues
    • Web page:
      • Added some day information to the stats on the upper left (day of week, days til horde night etc)

rev. 297 (11_13_18) (2016-10-26)

  • Commands updated to v11:
    • Changed showinventory: In tagged output mode prints an output termination like this: "tracker_item id=171, tag=tagName, SHOWINVENTORY DONE"
  • WebMap updated to v18:
    • Web page:
      • Added meta header for IE

rev. 293 (10_13_17) (2016-09-25)

  • Only compatible with A15 and newer
  • Commands updated to v10:
    • Fixed give: Support quality for items that have parts or attachments (thanks to Coppi :) )
  • WebMap updated to v17:
    • Code:
      • Fixed error loading item icons in A15 (may have added regressions for mod icons)
    • Web page:
      • Added option to index.js to hide the navbar on page load

rev. 289 (9_13_16) (2016-07-18)

  • CommonFunc updated to v13:
    • Added useTime related stuff to persistent data for Coppi's mod
  • Commands updated to v9:
    • Fixed listknownplayers: Allow lookup of players by their SteamID
  • CoppisAdditions removed: Including that will cause all sorts of trouble/confusion as they're also updated by Coppi himself. Download can be found in his thread
  • WebMap updated to v16:
    • Code:
      • Fixed error shown when webserver is accessed while 7dtd is still starting up
    • Web page:
      • Added last online tooltip to show actual date instead of pretty printed value in table

rev. 283 (8_12_15_2) (2016-06-19)

  • CommonFunc updated to v12:
    • Minor internal updates
  • CoppisAdditions updated to v2:
    • Fixed givexp
    • Added ss as an intermediate workaround for the non-functional spawnscouts command from the game until A15 is released
    • Fixed spelling: tooglechatcommandhide to togglechatcommandhide
  • WebMap updated to v15:
    • Code:
      • Added API executeconsolecommand: Executes a console command and returns result. Uses the same permission checks as would apply to any ingame user
      • Added API getallowedcommands: Retrieves a list of all console commands that can be executed with the current user permissions
      • Added API getplayerlist: Retrieves a list of all players, optionally filtered and sorted, with definable results per page and page number. Will be extended upon in the future.
      • Added API getserverinfo: Retrieve the server information as reported to the master server list
      • Made APIs getstats and getwebuiupdates usable by anyone by default unless explicitly set to a stricter permission
    • Web page:
      • Added first draft of player list tab

rev. 277 (8_11_14_1) (2016-05-19)

  • WebMap updated to v14:
    • Changed APIs getplayersonline and getplayerslocation: Added field "ping"
    • Added API getserverinfo: Reports current info on the server

rev. 276 (8_11_13_1) (2016-05-18)

  • CommonFunc updated to v11:
    • Fixed player level calculation

rev. 273 (8_10_13_1) (2016-05-11)

  • Added Coppi's stuff as a fourth module "CoppisAdditions", v1:
    • Chat filter functionality, controlled with the commands below
    • Command muteplayerchat: Mute a player on public chat
    • Command playerchatmaxlength: Set the maximum number of characters a player can write in a single message. Default is 255 for every player.
    • Command tooglechatcommandhide: Specify a chat message prefix that defines chat commands that are hidden from chat
    • Command givexp: Give XP for a skill to a player
    • Command listplayerbed: List bed locations of a single player or all online players
    • Command listplayerfriends: List friends of a single player or all players
    • Command physics: Enable / disable physics on blocks that you are placing / removing
    • Command sayplayer2: Send a message to a single player with a specific sender name
    • Command spawnhorde: Spawn horde near a player or coordinate
    • Command spawnmultipleentity: Spawn multiple entities around some coordinate or player
    • Command spawnscouts: Spawn scouts near a player or coordinate
    • Command teleportplayerhome: Teleport a player to his home / bedroll
    • Command unlockall: Unlock all secure loots, chests and doors for the current player
  • Commands updated to v8:
    • Changed listitems: Now also accepts "*" as search mask, showing all items
    • Changed listlandprotection: Added optional parameter "parseable" to get programmatically parseable output
    • Changed showinventory: Added optional tag parameter. If a tag is given it will be included in each line of the output, which will be in a parseable format instead of easily readable
    • Fixed repairchunkdensity help text
  • CommonFunc updated to v10:
    • Changed log output on player connect: Added Steam owner ID

rev. 272 (7_9_13) (2016-04-28)

  • WebMap mod updated to v13:
    • Code:
      • Fixed Log page
      • Changed API getplayerslocation and getplayersonline: Added totalplaytime and lastonline (#127)
      • Web map servers transparent tiles instead of 404 when block has no image yet (#124)
  • Commands updated to v7:
    • Fixed removelandprotection
    • Fixed chat related stuff for A14.6 b26
    • Added repairchunkdensity
  • CommonFunc updated to v9:
    • Fixed chat related stuff for A14.6 b26

rev. 256 (6_8_12) (2016-02-07)

  • WebMap mod updated to v12:
    • Web page:
      • Changed player popups to show coordinates without "/" so they can directly be copy+pasted for teleport etc (by God Almighty)
      • Added SteamID to inventory dialog (by God Almighty)

rev. 254 (6_8_11) (2015-12-24)

  • WebMap mod updated to v11:
    • Code:
      • Fixed icon loading when multiple items use the same icon+tint combination

rev. 253 (6_8_10) (2015-12-12)

  • Only compatible with A13 and newer
  • WebMap mod updated to v10:
    • Web page:
      • Users with webapi.getlandclaims permission can always view their own claims, users who also have webapi.viewallclaims can view all claims like before (by psouza4)
      • Users with webapi.getplayerslocation permission can always view their own position, users who also have webapi.viewallplayers can view all players like before (by psouza4)
      • Added new map options Animals and Hostiles (by psouza4)
      • Fixed item display with custom icons (#119) or tints
    • Code:
      • Added API getanimalslocation: Get a list of all (currently loaded) animals on the server (by psouza4)
      • Added API gethostilelocation: Get a list of all (currently loaded) AI hostiles on the server (by psouza4)
  • Commands updated to v6:
    • Added buffplayer and debuffplayer: Give a buff or remove a buff from a remote player
  • CommonFunc updated to v8:
    • Refactorings and backend additions for the new features above

rev. 250 (5_7_9) (2015-08-12)

  • WebMap mod updated to v9:
    • Web page:
      • Added Log view
      • Added quality information to player inventory dialog
      • Fixed player marker popup closing itself on data updates (hacky, clean solution requires Leaflet 1 which is still beta)
      • Further refactorings
    • Code:
      • Added API getlog: Get a list of server log lines
      • Added API getwebuiupdates: Get information about what has been updated (currently only used for showing number of new log entries)
      • Changed API getplayerinventory: Minor changes in format (same for bag/belt and equipment), added quality and qualitycolor information
  • Commands updated to v5 (thanks to Coppi for the code change ideas):
    • Changed give: Added a second variant which allows to specify item quality
    • Changed showinventory: Also output equipment and item qualities and parts
    • Changed teleportplayer: Added a third variant which allows to teleport relatively to the current player position (e.g. just go 10m below the current position by tp 0 -10 0)
  • CommonFunc updated to v7 (thanks to Coppi for the code change ideas):
    • Log item quality and parts

rev. 249 (4_6_8) (2015-08-07)

  • WebMap mod updated to v8:
    • Web page:
      • Updated design, thanks to Ynd21 for the ideas
      • Added checkbox to auto-reload tiles in a specified interval. Function can be disabled or minimum interval / default interval set in map.js line 78 and following (new L.Control.ReloadTiles ...)
      • Fixed player marker clustering when players move towards each other or get farther apart
      • Added GameTime control for webmap if having the menu bar is undesired, can be added by to map by uncommenting map.js line 102 (new L.Control.GameTime ...)
      • Added Login control for webmap if having the menu bar is undesired, not used by default
      • Further refactorings
    • Code:
      • Added web page login logging (print IP, SteamID, permission level)

rev. 247 (4_6_7)

  • WebMap mod updated to v7:
    • Web page:
      • Please excuse the terrible styling, in my dev branch it's even worse but this makes it easier for me to properly position elements ;)
      • Added Steam authentication
      • Added permission system (see here for further details)
      • Added game time display
      • Added player equipment display
      • Added last click position display
    • Commands:
      • Added webpermission to list/specify permissions required for individual parts of the webpage
      • Added webtokens to list/manage web tokens required for tool based access
    • Code:
      • Added player equipment to WebAPI getplayerinventory
      • Added WebAPI getstats, currently returning game time and current player count
      • Refactored JS code
  • Core mod updated to v6: Added player equipment logging
  • IMPORTANT: Only use with 14.6 b26 and higher

rev. 243 (

  • WebMap mod updated to v6: Added title tag to icon fields in Inventory Viewer (thanks to Martin for the suggestion)
  • Core mod updated to v5: Fixed ListItems / Give for A12.3

rev. 242 (

  • WebMap mod updated to v5: Fixed item icon loading

rev. 238 (

  • Updated for Alpha 12 (server build 682942)
  • Added chat hook example (type "/alloc" in chat)
  • Fixed "last seen" value not getting updated on banned players etc
  • Added command exportitemicons
  • Added help texts to commands
  • Slightly improved performance of map rendering code
  • ItemIcons for the webmap are now directly loaded from the game data
  • No more deobfuscation required, mod works directly with the vanilla files (ideally no more need to update this mod on game updates though of course bigger changes can still require an update in the mod)

rev. 236 (

  • Updated for Alpha 11.6 (server build 658147)

rev. 235 (

  • Updated for Alpha 11.5 (server build 639339)

rev. 233 (

  • Updated for Alpha 11.4 (server build 605981)

rev. 232 (

  • Fixed show inventory

rev. 230 (0.113.5586.28926)

  • Fixed exceptions

rev. 230 (0.113.5586.27633)

  • Fixed exceptions

rev. 230 (0.113.5586.25212 2nd build)

  • Updated web mod to v.2, fixes endless exceptions in log

rev. 230 (0.113.5586.25212)

  • Updated for Alpha 11.3 (server build 593110)

rev. 228 (0.112.5577.41143)

  • Updated for Alpha 11.2 (server build 583520)
  • Fixed IP output

rev. 227 (0.111.5572.35274)

  • Updated AllocsCommands mod: Fixes command teleport (#99)

rev. 226 (0.111.5572.35274)

  • Updated for Alpha 11.1 (server build 578130)
  • Also removed protect-file that accidentally slipped into last archive.

rev. 224 (0.110.5570.39924)

  • Updated for Alpha 11 (server build 576370)

rev. 222 (0.104.5471.24501)

  • Updated for Alpha 10.4 b10 hotfix (server build 480993)

rev. 218 (0.104.5466.33703)

  • Updated for Alpha 10.4 b9 hotfix (server build 478721 and 478809)

rev. 216 (0.104.5465.40278)

  • Updated for Alpha 10.4 (server build 477715)

rev. 213 (0.103.5461.3294)

  • Updated for Alpha 10.3 b12 hotfix (server build 471956)

rev. 211 (0.103.5459.40864)

  • Updated for Alpha 10.3 (server build 471356)


rev. 208 (0.102.5448.37821)

  • Updated for Alpha 10.2 (server build 459429)

rev. 206 (0.100.5442.30220)

  • Updated for Alpha 10.1 (server build 454117)
  • Command listplayerids / lpi added

rev. 205 (0.100.5439.41910)

  • Updated for Alpha 10 (server build 451483)
  • Command listplayersextended / lpe removed: Now integrated with the vanilla lp command

rev. 202 (0.93.5409.27239)

  • Webserver core updated for better performance / less problems
  • Command listlandprotection changed: If run from the game's console it accepts the parameter "nearby" an optionally an distance

rev. 199 (0.93.5378.41731)

  • Updated map rendering + webserver so that hopefully all "sharing access violation"s are gone

rev. 198 (0.93.5378.21429)

  • Command unban actually registered in game ;)

rev. 197 (0.93.5377.34787)

  • Commands give and listitems changed: Now should work for all things in creative menu
  • Player inventory is monitored for stacksizes greater than the allowed size for each item (see New log information)

rev. 196 (0.93.5375.21616)

  • Added console command unban

rev. 194 (0.93.5374.40502)

  • Updated for A9.3 b5 (server build 385244)

rev. 192 (0.93.5373.21892)

  • Minor bug fix for map rendering

rev. 190 (0.93.5369.22980)

  • Further Telnet stability improvements

rev. 189 (0.93.5368.20218)

  • Command teleportplayer / tele changed: Second parameter can be another player now
  • Made Telnet interface robust against errors in core commands (like buff)
  • Telnet ignores empty lines

rev. 188 (0.93.5366.36263)

  • Allow setting different rendering settings (run server with this version once, shut down, edit <save>/map/mapinfo.js)
    • WARNING: This can have a serious impact on server performance! Will be optimized later on.

rev. 185 (0.93.5365.39558)

  • Web interface no longer depends on CP enabled (only on existence of the "webserver" folder)
  • Login attempt limiting on Telnet

rev. 183 (0.93.5365.36355)

  • Multithreaded Telnet server (hopefully lowering CPU usage a bit)

rev. 180 (0.92.5364.31430)

  • Updated for A9.3 (server build 375426)

rev. 174 (0.92.5363.32930)

  • Web API: Added getlandclaims
  • Map updates

rev. 172 (0.92.5361.41834)

  • Web auth: Actually require user ("admin") and password (same as control panel) if auth is enabled

rev. 168 (0.92.5361.28833)

  • Fixed minor bug in rendermap
  • Made webserver authentication chooseable

rev. 165 (0.92.5360.43161)

  • Updated for A9.2 server hotfix (server build 373581)

rev. 164 (0.92.5360.33406)

  • Updated for A9.2 (server build 373271)

rev. 163 (0.91.5360.30628)

  • Added console command teleportplayer / tele
  • Added GetPlayerInventory API
  • Map: Show inventory for a player by clicking its marker and show inventory (requires latest webserver files)

revs. 161/162 (0.91.5360.3074)

  • Another hotfix for player list API (JSON empty strings)

rev. 160 (0.91.5359.27894)

  • Another hotfix for player list API (JSON encoding for strings)

rev. 159 (0.91.5359.26222)

  • Another hotfix for player list API

rev. 156 (0.91.5359.21630)

  • Hotfix for player list API
  • Removed debug output "add dirty"

rev. 154 (0.91.5358.38435)

  • Web: First API introduced
  • Map shows current player locations both for online and offline players (last position)

rev. 147 (0.91.5355.36217)

  • Command showinventory / si changed:
  • Allows to pass steamid in addition to allowing entity id and player name
  • With steamid also players that are currently not online can be checked
  • Output format has changed: Items of same type aren't accumulated anymore but instead each slot is shown on its own:
    Slot 2: 001 * canChili
  • Added console command listknownplayers / lkp

rev. 143 (0.91.5355.28079)

  • Big improvements on map rendering (both live and full rendering)

rev. 142 (0.91.5354.28918)

  • Fixed Telnet connection not using UTF8
  • Removed extra output for unimplemented Web methods

rev. 139

  • Command listlandprotection / llp changed: Allow to show keystones of a single user, show summary only

revs. 137-138

  • Minor changes to integrated web server

revs. 134-136

  • Improvements on map rendering and integrated server authorization (username="admin", password same as control panel)

rev. 133

  • Added integrated web server (map display only so far)

rev. 131 (and 130/129)

  • Added map live rendering
  • Added console command rendermap / rm

rev. 128

  • Added console command creativemenu / cm
  • Added console command give
  • Added console command listitems / li

rev. 127 (and 126/125)

  • Updated for A9 (server build 363156)

rev. 123

  • Command removelandprotection / rlp changed: You can remove all blocks of a given player (by SteamID) instead of only remove a single one
  • Command removelandprotection / rlp changed: Both the association of the block to the owner and the actual block are removed

rev. 120

  • IMPORTANT Fixed a bug in the permissions calculation for players.

rev. 117

  • Updated for A9 (server build 356618)

rev. 114

  • Added console command version

rev. 113

  • Added console command listlandprotection / llp
  • Added console command removelandprotection / rlp

rev. 112

  • Command sayplayer / pm changed: Ignores color codes in player names

rev. 110

  • Fixed minor bug in reply / re

rev. 108

  • Added console command reply / re

rev. 107

  • Console output of the Web control panel and each Telnet client is separated

rev. 106

  • Updated for server build 334790

rev. 103

  • Command sayplayer changed: Added short version pm
  • Command sayplayer changed: Sender is now denoted as stated in the description above so this command can be used as a PM function for players
  • All code that could ever produce errors is now doing exception handling so it should at least never affect the game/server itself.

rev. 100

  • Updated for server build 333545

rev. 98

  • Fixed: inventory with multiple stacks of the same item causing an exception

rev. 96

  • Fixed: New commands get registered even if Telnet is not enabled
  • Fixed: The actual dedi server DLL is used now

rev. 93

  • Added console command showinventory / si

rev. 91

  • Added Telnet welcome message line: * Allocs server fixes loaded
  • Command getgamepref changed: First parameter may just be a substring of prefs, like "claim"
  • Command listplayersextended: Added output field "ping"

rev. 86

  • Console commands allowed by admins.xml affect both short and long versions

rev. 84

  • Added console command settimereal / str
  • Changed behaviour of Admins.xml (see features)

rev. 83

  • Added console command sayplayer
  • Added logging output for remote command execution from clients

Initial release (rev. 81)