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#25 Chat command framework new Alloc enhancement major 9 years
#26 XMLStarlet 1.0 does not support inplace editing accepted Alloc defect major 9 years
#39 Make more stuff run by $SDTD_USER instead of root new Alloc enhancement major 8 years
#60 Hook for player deaths new Alloc enhancement major 8 years
#128 Switch initd to systemd new Alloc defect major 7 years
#130 TelnetCommand: Chain multiple commands new Alloc enhancement major 7 years
#15 Announced restart new Alloc enhancement minor 9 years
#126 Hook for uptime / game time new Alloc enhancement minor 7 years
#142 Update dedi update check code accepted Alloc enhancement minor 6 years
#159 Warning when stoping an instance new Alloc defect minor 4 years
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