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RLP command broken

Reported by: Alloc Owned by: Alloc
Priority: critical Component: Server fixes
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There were some reports saying RLP is broken:

rlp seems to be broken. SetBlockRPC fails on replacing LCB block with air (only). All other types of blocks are fine to replace with air though. its some fight over GameManager.ChangeBlocks setBlockRPC's when detecting its a LCB and the setting block to air by RPC by external force. Seems the GameManager wins. Ive managed to find a workaround.


2018-12-28T22:57:23 11556.626 INF BlockRemoved: , 730, 52, 202
2018-12-28T22:57:23 11556.626 INF Error in RemoveLandProtection.removeByPosition: NRE
at GameManager.ChangeBlocks (String persistentPlayerId, List`1 _blocksToChange)
at GameManager.SetBlocksRPC (List`1 _changes)
at RemoveLandProtection.removeByPosition (List`1 _coords)

the claim is no longer listed with llp but stays in the world and shows as active
when the chunk saves they go away

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