Nov 3, 2014:

10:54 PM Ticket #73 (MOTD / cycling messages) created by Alloc
Add option to send a MOTD and/or cycling messages in intervals to the …
12:50 PM Ticket #11 (Event hooks) closed by Alloc
12:50 PM Release Notes edited by Alloc

Nov 1, 2014:

12:14 AM Ticket #72 (Make an Hook at Position) created by behemoth
How can i make a Hook for a Player-Position <x> <y> <z> <radius>? I …

Oct 30, 2014:

6:51 PM Ticket #11 (Event hooks) reopened by behemoth
12:48 AM Ticket #71 (LP for regular users) created by Alloc
E.g. only show entityid + name so it's easier to use PM and stuff for …

Oct 23, 2014:

3:15 PM Console Commands edited by Alloc
3:12 PM Server fixes edited by Alloc
3:09 PM Changeset [202] by alloc
Server fixes

Oct 22, 2014:

11:03 AM Ticket #70 (Web: Global inventory search) created by Alloc
To check e.g. if anyone has bedrock in their inv.

Oct 21, 2014:

10:14 PM Ticket #69 (Set home) created by Kuraki
Hey Alloc First off, I love your server fixes and am running …

Oct 17, 2014:

4:18 PM Server fixes edited by s1ugh34d
11:10 AM Ticket #68 (Load favicon.ico from /static/) created by Alloc
Or even add a favicon-tag to the index.html.

Oct 16, 2014:

2:04 AM Installation edited by Alloc
Bash completion is not a Debian only thing. Also this is a Wiki, logs … (diff)
1:59 AM Prerequisites edited by Alloc
This is not about names (diff)

Oct 15, 2014:

3:25 PM Ticket #67 (Feature Request: Welcome-MSG, Backup-Warn-MSG, Maintenance) created by Begerac
Hallo *.* Before you begin to thank you, very good work! :-) Feuture …
9:54 AM Installation edited by battleborn
Fixed my own mistake, should have tested before publishing. (diff)
9:39 AM Installation edited by battleborn
Fixed bash completion and added more information. (diff)
9:21 AM Prerequisites edited by battleborn
Ridiculous punctuation issues on my part. (diff)
9:20 AM Prerequisites edited by battleborn
Added Ubuntu/Debian distribution information. (diff)
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