Welcome to the documentation and bugtracker of the 7 Days to Die - Linux Server Management scripts and the Server fixes

Linux Server Management Scripts

The Linux Server Management scripts aim to provide a full management tool set for a Linux based 7 Days to Die server. They allow to manage most aspects of the server

  • SteamCMD setup
  • Installing and updating the game engine
  • Creating/editing/deleting server instances (including editing the serverconfig through a commandline interface)
  • List all instances with basic information or show detailed information on a single instance
  • Starting/stopping instances including graceful shutdown if the server has not hung up
  • Backup of game data files (instance configurations, logs, saves)
  • Monitor log-output of the engine, adding timestamps and log player logins

This also includes the required files to natively run the server without relying on Wine.

This wiki will guide you through the setup and usage of the tool set.

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Installation
  3. Instance management
  4. Advanced topics:
  5. Release Notes
  6. Uninstall

For those concerned about their Steam user data security/confidentiality: Steam user data

Open files limit: Post by qriff

Server Fixes


Pages on stuff not directly Linux server related


To find information about the author of these scripts go to this page.


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